Everything you Need to Know About Freeze-Dried Candy

Everything you Need to Know About Freeze-Dried Candy

They’re sweet, they’re crisp and they’re all over TikTok. Freeze-dried sweets are having a moment right now. We’ve answered all the questions you might have before taking the plunge and doing your own taste test!

Isn’t freeze-dried food for astronauts?

When you first hear the term “freeze-dried sweets” or “freeze-dried candy”, your initial reaction might be that it sounds a bit weird. Isn’t freeze drying for fresh fruits, fish and – dare I say it – vegetables? And what do we need freeze-dried candy for? We’re not about to fly into space!  

Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that freeze-dried sweets are far from funky and the freeze-drying process can be applied to almost all your candy-store favourites. Rest assured that freeze-dried candy is by no means a ploy to get you to eat more healthily and it’s far too delicious to be reserved as military rations, too. From freeze-dried Skittles to American favourites like candy corn and milk duds, this is a crunchy sweet treat you will truly enjoy.

What is freeze-dried candy?

There are no limits when it comes to freeze-drying candy. You can freeze dry all kinds of sweets, from pick ‘n’ mix favourites like fried eggs and gummy bears to squishy marshmallows and traditional English sweets like Werther’s Originals. Freeze-dried American sweets are also delicious, as are freeze-dried gummy clusters.

The clue to what freeze-dried sweets are in really all the name. They’re basically candy that has been frozen and had all the moisture removed, leaving the concentrated flavour of pure, crisp sugar crystals behind. Yum!  

So, what’s the hype?

The freeze-drying technique was first introduced in 1906, growing particularly popular in the Second World War as a way of preserving blood for soldiers. Since then, foods like coffee, fruits, meat, vegetables, dairy products and herbs have all been freeze dried, helping to make these perishable goods last longer. So, why freeze dry sweets? Don’t they remain in date for ages anyway?

Well, freeze drying candy not only preserves the original flavour but also adds a delectable crunch to your favourite sugary snack. What better way to enjoy the satisfying texture of crisps without sacrificing sweetness?

How is freeze-dried candy made?

The science behind freeze-dried sweets

The scientific name for freeze drying is lyophilisation. It essentially means that all the water is removed from the sweets in order to achieve that wonderful crunch. It usually takes a couple of days for the lyophilisation process to complete, during which time your water-deprived snacks will be kept in a vacuum, in order to allow the ice that forms during freezing to transform into solid water vapour without passing through a liquid state. This is essentially what takes you from sticky-sweet chewiness to melt-in-the-mouth crispness in one simple step.

What makes freeze-dried candy so unique?

From that crispy, crunchy texture to sugary crystals packed with intense flavour, what’s not to love about freeze-dried candy? Lighter in colour than their hydrated counterparts, these sweets are light and airy – and less likely to result in broken teeth! That’s why, whist Gen-Z is mostly behind the trend, older customers are keen to get a slice of the action, too. Eat them alone for a complete taste explosion or add them to yogurts, deserts and ice cream for extra texture that will pack a punch.

How does freeze-dried candy compare to traditional sweets?

Freeze-dried sweets taste just the same as traditional candy. The flavour just becomes more concentrated and intense. Where boiled sweets are hard and tough, freeze-dried versions become light, crisp and airy. Likewise, chewy sweets like Skittles, Chewits and Refreshers lose their jaw-aching, jaw-breaking qualities, instead melting away into delicious goodness in your mouth. Freeze-dried sweets also tend to expand, making them much larger than their original counterparts. They develop a crystal-like, sugar-coated appearance, making these sweet snacks even more irresistible than the originals.

Are freeze-dried sweets the same as dehydrated candy?

Not exactly. Although dehydration also removes the moisture from food, it’s not quite as effective as freeze drying, which can remove up to 99% of the original water content. As such, freeze-dried sweets are much crunchier and crispier than foods that have simply been dehydrated. Dehydrated candy hasn’t really caught on, as it still remains chewy owing to the remaining moisture content. Another difference between dehydration and freeze drying is that dehydrated sweets would lose volume whilst freeze-dried sweets actually expand in size.

Are freeze-dried sweets healthier?

Freeze-dried sweets don’t offer any additional health benefits. In fact, because their sugar content is more concentrated, they tend to contain more calories in a smaller amount. Nevertheless, the enhanced flavour intensity means you are also likely to consume fewer sweets in one go and the whole point is enjoyment. Provided that they form part of a balanced diet overall, there’s no reason why freeze-dried sweets should be a cause for concern.   

Where can I get my hands on freeze-dried sweets?

Freeze-dried candy is all over socials. But it’s important to purchase from a reputable supplier to avoid getting scammed by those taking advantage of the trend. Oh Sweetie sells a selection of freeze-dried favourites, from freeze-dried pick ‘n’ mix arranged by colour to freeze-dried skittles in all kinds of flavours. Most skittles are also vegan and halal, making them a great, universal freeze-dried option.

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