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Important Notices

UK Warm Weather Warning

Please note that ordering chocolate during warm weather is at your own risk.

While we take every precaution to ensure your sweets arrive in perfect condition, we cannot control the temperatures during transit. In warmer weather, there is a risk of chocolate melting during delivery.

We recommend considering the current weather conditions in your area before placing your order.

Product Info

How can i find out the ingredients of the Pick 'N' Mix sweets?

We have a full page dedicated to to the dietary, allergen and ingredients for all our quality pick n mix sweets. You can find this by clicking here > Sweet Ingredients

Is your Pick 'N' Mix packaging hygienic?

Cleanliness of all work areas is assured at all times.

The area in which we produce our orders is of a high standard of cleanliness and is well maintained. All pickers wear a high standard of PPE, including hair nets and gloves.

In order to ensure that nothing can penetrate your Pick 'N' Mix bag after it is sent, every bag is zip-locked and heat-sealed on site before it is dispatched to you.

We guarantee that every Oh Sweetie Pick 'N' Mix bag order you receive will be in perfect condition.

How long do the Pick 'N' Mix Sweets last?

Every bag is made fresh when it is ordered.

Each Oh Sweetie Pick 'N' Mix bag is first zip-locked, then heat-sealed, so that you receive them in pristine condition.

To enjoy them at their best we recommend you consume them within 4 weeks, but stored in cool, dry conditions with the bag re-sealed every time, they can last up to 6 months from date of purchase.

Will i get the exact weight i ordered?

It can often be difficult to match the exact weight of our Pre Made and Create Your Own bags without going slightly over or under due to the different sizes and weights of our sweets, and the fact that they are entirely custom made to order. As close as possible, we strive to keep our tolerance margins under 2% wherever possible. 

Out Of Stock Items

What will happen if one of my items it out of stock?

In cases of out-of-stock items, we will try to remove the item as soon as possible from our website until it is available again.

If you have selected a Pick 'N' Mix product that goes out of stock while your order is being prepared we will replace it with more of some of the same sweets you have chosen. If we run out of more than 2 items, we will contact you and ask what products you would like more of from the items you have selected already.

For products outside of our Pick 'N' Mix bags including our American products, our team will contact you to ask if you would like an alternative.

Delivery Info

How much will delivery cost?

Standard delivery - £3.99
Delivery takes 2-3 WORKING DAYS

Express delivery - £4.99
Delivery takes 1-2 WORKING DAYS

Free Delivery available for orders above £50

Please note that your chosen delivery time starts when the courier has your parcel, not from the time you place the order.

All packages will be tracked.

What are your delivery times?

When you place an order, you will receive an email indicating that your order has been received.

We will then send this to our packing team so your Oh Sweetie order can be prepared.

Normally, this is within 1-2 days of the order date.

You'll receive another email once your products have been picked, packed, and shipped, letting you know it is on its way and providing tracking information.

After this, the delivery time will be determined by the shipping option you choose at checkout,

Is my parcel tracked?

All packages will be tracked and a tracking comfirmation number will be provided.

Do you provide worldwide shipping?

We currently only ship to UK mainland. We will be looking to expand to worldwide shipping in the near future. Pleases sign up to our newsletter to stay updated.

What if my parcel doesn't arrive?

If your parcel does not arrive within the timeframe specified, you can contact us via our contact form by clicking here. Please provide us with your order number and full shipping address. This will help our team to fully investigate the location of the parcel and assist you.

If an incorrect delivery address has been entered by you at checkout, Oh Sweetie can not be heald liable for the non-delivery of the parcel and a “returns charge” may be issued to us by our courier which in turn would need to be deducted from any refunds owed to you as the customer.


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Returns & Refund Policy

How can I cancel or change my order?

If you want to cancel or require a change within your order, we ask that you contact us via our contact form by clicking here. Please provide the order number, details of why you want to change or cancel and we will do our best to amend the order details before shipping.

What if I receive the wrong product?

Please contact us as soon as possible if your order is incorrect.

We ask that you contact us via our contact form by clicking here, if there is anything inccorect. Please provide the order number, details of the inccorect item / items and proof of the issue (e.g. photo evidence).

What is your returns and refund policy

It is imperative to us that you are completely satisfied with your order. However, because Oh Sweetie's products are food related, we are unfortunately unable to accept returns once they have been delivered and opened.

In case of damaged packaging, the bags must NOT be opened, but must be kept sealed.

Please contact us as soon as possible if your order is incorrect.

We ask that you contact us via our contact form by clicking here, if there is anything about how the product arrives to you that is not acceptable to you. Please provide the order number, details of the issue with the product and proof of the issue (e.g. photo evidence).

Refunds will be returned to your payment method within 3-5 business days if a refund is agreed upon.

NOTE: Before returning any parcel to us, please contact us first.