The Top 10 American Candies that are Popular in the UK

The Top 10 American Candies that are Popular in the UK

Sweet confectionary is as popular today as it was when it was first introduced. In 2021, over 9.1 thousand tons of sugar confectionary was made and sold in the UK, amounting to 12.7 billion British pounds. Around the world, sugar confectionary goes by a variety of names. In the UK, sugar confectionaries are called sweets, however in the US they’re known as candy, and in Australia and New Zealand, they’re known as lollies.

It is believed that sweets cause feelings of happiness and pleasure because of an evolutionary trait. During hunter-gatherer times, the sweetest wild fruits were a source of incredible energy but were often scarce. As a result, our brains developed to reward us for foraging and eating sweet things. No matter what you call them, or why you eat them, it is undoubtable that we all love sugar confectionary in some form.

Ever since the migration of fudge from the US to the UK in the mid-19th century, the UK has been trying and importing American candy. We have created this blog as a means of identifying the top 10 favourite American candies in the UK, in the hopes that you try them for yourself, and determine what all this hype is about!

Top 10 American Candies in the UK:


1. Reese’s Pieces

Reese's pieces box

Americans love all things peanut butter. It should be no surprise, therefore, that Reese’s pieces have made this list as one of the most popular sweets over there, and now in the UK. There are countless varieties and flavours available from the brand, whether it be sharing bags or bitesize pieces.



2. M&M’s


According to a YouGov survey, M&M’s were voted the most popular Candy in the USA. Who isn’t a fan of grabbing a handful of colourful M&M’s? Available in a range of flavours, whether it be peanut chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate filled and more.  


3. Nerds


Nerds are bright, neon coloured, randomly shaped pebbles, that are made pretty much entirely out of sugar, and come in a huge variation of crazy flavours – each equally as addicting as the other. Originally created by the willy Wonka brand in order to promote the legendary film, all Nerds packaging retains its original vibrance, and iconic design that we have all come to know and love over the years. 


4. Milk Duds

milk duds

Milk Duds are an incredibly popular choice amongst chocolate lovers. Consisting of gooey caramel in a case of milk chocolate, Milk Duds have been a favourite for almost 100 years in America. Milk Duds originally got their name from the owner, as he called them ‘’duds’’ as a result of not being able to achieve the perfectly round shape that he had originally intended. If there’s one thing for sure though, Milk Duds are far from a dud. 


5. Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Ranchers

Of all sugar confectionary brands, Jolly Ranchers has one of the most expansive ranges, with something for everybody’s tastes, whether it be hard sweets, chewy and gummy sweets, lollipops, jellybeans and even sodas. Jolly Ranchers are exceptionally popular and can be found in pretty much every store in the US.


6. Mike and Ike

Mike and Ike sweets

Mike and Ike are a chewy, bite sized sweet, with a range of sweet and sour flavours to choose from, such as orange, cherry, lime, strawberry, lemon, and much more. The most popular assortments include Berry Blast, Tropical Typhoon, and Jolly Joes, which are a hit for both adults and children alike.


7. Hershey’s

Hershey's cookies and cream

Whether you’re from America or not, you have undoubtedly heard of Hershey’s – one of the largest manufacturers of chocolate in the world. From chocolate kisses to their varied assortment of chocolate bars, cookies, and milkshakes, there are endless flavours for you to try. Hershey is one of the most adventurous chocolate brands out there, when have you come across cookies and cream, peanuts and pretzels, and strawberries and cream in the form of a chocolate bar! A phenomenon everyone must try at least once in their lives.


8. Skittles


Although they are technically made in the UK, Americans absolutely love skittles, making it one of their top-selling candies. Perhaps it is the combination of bright colours, vibrant packaging and even more vibrant fruity flavours. Skittles have been popular for decades and are almost addictive. They’re public favour continues to grow with the release of their limited-edition flavours, whereby the packs and the sweets are all the same colour – making you unsure of which flavour you are trying and keeping you guessing all day long! 


9. Snickers


Produced by the Mars Inc company, Snickers are one of the planet’s best combinations of gooey caramel, crispy nougat, and milk chocolate blanketing. Because of such, they have risen to fame in the US, especially as they released limited editions, from peanut butter to white chocolate. Don’t get hangry, have a Snickers.     


10. Red Vines

Red Vines

Red Vines have now been in production for over 100 years! They are now considered an iconic sugar confectionary item that has been seen in countless tv shows and movies throughout the years, and has been enjoyed by both adults and children alike. They can be scoffed all at once, bought in vintage style jars that you can keep on your desk at work to nibble day to day, or they come in smaller sized packets designed for travel, and enjoying on the go. No matter how you plan on enjoying them, these long-lasting strawberry liquorice flavours are an American staple treat that simply can’t be overlooked. 


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